In this way, Farmers will be able to get interest. Lane The Hole Process

In this way, Farmers will be able to get interest. Lane The Hole Process

The Government of India is aiming to double the income of farmers by five. The government has also laid out some useful schemes for farmers to become orderly in agriculture. Here's how a group of farmers can get financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh:

✴️ The Farmers Association Will Get All the Benefits at Company Gates:

The support that is being provided here is for the Farmer Producer Organization. The government has given approval for the creation of a 6.5 farmer producers association, for which the government is ready to spend Rs. 5 crore over the next five years. The 'Farmer Manufacturers' Association' will be registered as a company and will receive all the benefits of the company. Yes, this organization will be different than the cooperative unit. Because, it would fall under the 'Company Act' and not in the Co-operative Act

✴️ What is FPO? 

It is important for every farmer to know what a Farmer Productive Association (FPO) is. The simplest explanation for this is: FPO means a group of farmers who are professionally associated with farming products. Farmers can create this association. It is recognized as a company. Several government units are working towards making this organization more effective. At present two government bodies handle this work: (1) Small Farmers Agricultural Trade Union (2) National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank.

✴️What is the benefit?

Small farmers will benefit more from FPOs. During the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee when these organizations were named to operate, their main objective was to get rid of farmers' practices and to find a viable market for products.

When farmers go to the market to sell ready-made goods, the buccaneers lose some of their share. But if the farmer is affiliated with the FPO, then the main price will be paid directly to the farmers due to the absence of the Wachetia practice. In addition, if you want to buy seeds, fertilizers or farm equipment, these will also be available at reasonable prices. The central government is sitting on the task of forming 5, 5 such productive associations.

✴️Money will be paid following these conditions:

Following the formation of a farmer-producing association, financial support is required to meet the criteria stated here: 
(1) If the FPO is in the field, at least 5 members should be associated with the organization - the number was 7 before this. That means, there are at least five general members under the board members. If there are hilly areas, the number is 0 instead of 1. 
(2) It will also show how the company provides the farmers crop. 
(3) The administration of the company will take into consideration the nature of the work at the ground level. 
(4) 'NABARD Consultancy Services' gives rating by looking at the work of the organization; If the rating is good then there will be a grant.

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