If you also have this note, you need to know this

If you also have this note, you need to know this

There is nothing in the world that is completely useless. Even a saved dul gives one day's worth of gold. It is said that old is gold. The price of any old thing does not go down, on the contrary, its price goes up day by day. Different types of currencies have been used in India for years. Ever since India became independent, various currencies have come into existence within India. But many of us may not have seen those old coins and notes. But we must know its value. And maybe we have preserved some such coins and notes.
Now if any of you have kept an old rupee note. So for him this information needs to be read. Many people will have such old notes for years. But he has no idea what to do with this note. If you also have an old rupee note. And if you don't even know what to do with this note, we are going to show you today what to do with this old rupee note.
Today, online auction of such old notes is also done on many websites on the internet. The price of your old currency notes is determined based on the condition of your note and how old it is. And even if you have a wonderful numbered currency note in it. That is, if it has 786 numbers, 111, 555 or any such unique number, then the value of such notes is calculated in millions. Yes, friends were shocked.
If you still have such old currency notes of one rupee, it can make you a millionaire. Because notes with such unique numbers are valued in the millions. And if you have someone else's rupee note, you get thousands of rupees. So you too can become a millionaire by saving old notes in this way.

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