The government's big decision in the Koro crisis, all these schemes will be closed

The government's big decision in the Koro crisis, all these schemes will be closed

The country's economy is also being affected by the Koro crisis and the lockdown. In view of this situation, the Modi government has stopped all the schemes which were announced in the general budget for 2020-21. This order will also apply to those schemes for which the Expenditure Department of the Ministry of Finance has given in-principle approval. This order is valid till March 2021

🔸Impact of the lockdown on the country's economy

🔸This order of the government is applicable till March 2021

🔸The order does not apply to the government's self-sufficient scheme

🔸The rule does not apply to self-reliant plans

However, this rule does not apply to the government's self-sufficient scheme. Let me tell you that the government announced an estimated 21 lakh crore self-sufficient scheme. This includes the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. However, the Prime Minister's Poor Welfare Scheme will also apply. There will be no rock on this. However, the government did not explicitly name the schemes that would be closed. But let us tell you which schemes in particular were started in the general budget or which schemes were approved later.

🔸The plans were announced

In the general budget, the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Civil Aviation announced the launch of farmer rail and agricultural flights, respectively. Apart from this, the budget proposed to develop 5 new smart cities in collaboration with the states under public-private partnership (PPP) system. A plan was to be launched to promote the manufacture of mobile phones, electronic devices and semiconductor packaging

The budget said that 20 lakh farmers would have to expand the Pradhan Mantri Kusum scheme to get grid-connected pumps. Let me tell you here that the government has announced a relief package of Rs 21 lakh crore for the overburdened sectors including agriculture, fisheries, trade, real estate, MSMEs.

🔸 Why the government took the decision

However, the government is getting less revenue. According to the report, revenue of Rs 27,548 crore was collected during April 2020, which was 1.2 per cent of the budget estimate. While the government spent Rs 3.07 lakh crore, which was 10 per cent of the budget estimate. The government is also borrowing more due to the financial crisis. In the last few days, the government has announced that it will increase its borrowings from the market for the current financial year from Rs 4.2 lakh crore to Rs 12 lakh crore.

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