Google Lens / Know about this feature of Google .. Once you use it you will go crazy

As a search engine, Google is an integral part of our lives. Even if we assume that Google knows everything, it has a big limitation. Until recently, the Google search engine could only give us more information about things we know about. For example, we can know the height and length of Sardar Sarovar Dam from Google, but for that we should know that there is something like Sardar Sarovar Dam in the world! How to ask Google what we don't know about? How to find a beautiful flower in a garden and ask Google if we want more information about it?

Now a service called 'Google Lens' offers a solution. We can ask Google about a thing by taking a photograph of something we can't ask in words. For example, by taking a photograph of a flower and using the lens button in the Google Photos app or in Google Assistant, we can ask Google to provide more information about the flower.

So far this facility was only in mobile. Launch the Google Assistant app, capture anything from the phone's camera and ask Google about it. Another way was to take a photograph of something and open it in Google Photos and then scan it with the lens button.

Now this feature will also be available in Chrome browser on PC. Now when we see any image in Chrome browser, we will open a menu with the cursor on it and right click with the mouse and we will see the option 'Search Image with Google Lens'. Selecting that option will take us to the '' page. Here we can ask Google to provide more information about the image by providing the URL of the image or uploading a photo from the PC.

We will be given more information in three ways than searching this way in PC. One, the 'Top Match' section, which will show other versions of the same image. In the second way, other similar images that match the image will be shown and in the third way, the image will be shown as 'related content'.