Make ginger tea at home like this, there will be many health problems

It is common to experience sore throats and digestive disorders during monsoons or climate change. Emphasis is being placed on boosting immunity in times of corona epidemic, allowing you to protect against corona infection. Even after vaccination you need to maintain good immunity, you will be able to fight the infection.

Here we are going to tell you how a cup of Ginger Tea with Lemon and Word means you can keep your immunity strong and protect against many diseases.

How to make ginger tea

Chopped or smashed ginger

1 glass of water

Lemon juice


First boil the ginger in water. Keep it for 5 to 7 minutes.

Then mix lemon juice in it

When the tea is a little hot, add honey to it

Never add honey to hot tea

Harmful to these people

Let's say that ginger has a warming effect, so people who have a blood disorder or biliary problems should not drink it. In such cases, you can drink tea made from anise, cumin and coriander seeds.