2.50 lakh rupees are available for inter-caste marriage, know what is this scheme and how it helps

 This is how you get the benefit of the scheme


This scheme is known as Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, under which you are given 2 lakh 50 thousand rupees as financial help.  To take advantage of this scheme, these things should be kept in mind:-

 1. The benefit of this scheme is available only to those who do inter-caste marriage.  One of them should be from the Dalit community and the other should be from outside the Dalit community.

2. Also their marriage should be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1995.  Which you can do by putting an affidavit.

3. The benefit of this scheme is available to those newly married couples who are getting married for the first time.  Those who marry for the second or more times do not get any benefit from it.

4. After marriage, you have to apply for Dr. Ambedkar Foundation. Also remember that if you apply within one year of marriage, you get the benefit.

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