How To Ignore Someone's Message Forever Without Blocking Someone On Facebook Messenger

Most of the people today do not use Facebook Messenger as a messaging application but there are still many people today who use Facebook Messenger to communicate with their friends and family.  But inside Facebook, it often happens that someone sends you a random post or message.  Under such circumstances you are always thinking of blocking that person.

Facebook has unveiled a new feature for this type of situation in which it allows users to completely ignore the messages of anyone who is not even aware of it and does not need to block it.
Then open the person's chat window and click on the sign up button at the top right.

 - Then go inside the Privacy & Support option and select the Ignore Messages option.
 - Then select the Ignore Message option inside the confirmation parrot.

A method to ignore within Messenger's mobile application.

 - Open the Messenger app and open the chat window of that person.

 - Then click on the Eye button and scroll down to the bottom and select the Ignore Messages option.

 - Then click on the confirmation to ignore all the messages sent by that person.