WhatsApp may give more power to group admins, including giving users more control over their chats.

An instant messaging app owned by Meta may launch a new feature within WhatsApp. Within which the admin of the chat group may be given features and powers for further control. According to a report from XDA Developers, WhatsApp is testing a new feature within which group admins will be able to delete any messages for all people.

WhatsApp currently allows users to delete messages sent by itself, but group admins cannot delete messages sent by another person. However, they can remove any member from the group, and they may not be able to send a message to any other person within the group within which they have to choose the option of group admin only from those settings. And with the help of this new feature, WhatsApp will give group admins more control over what kind of content is placed. With the help of this new feature, group admins will be able to maintain the decorum for the reason the group was created. And all will be able to remove the messages in the nose.

If the message is to be deleted by the admin, then all the members of the group will be shown that this message or media has been deleted by the group admin. And if a group has more than one admin, it will also tell you which admin has deleted the message.

 It was also stated in the report that this feature is currently in the testing and development phase. And there is no information about when this feature will be made available. And before this feature is made available to all users, it will be released within the WhatsApp beta.

WhatsApp recently launched a new control for the feature of Disparing Messages. Users can now set the time limit to 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days when they turn on the option of disturbing messages. And with the new selection, only new messages can be controlled within the chat. And within individual chat, users can either turn on or turn off the option of disturbing messages. But within the group the group admin can turn this feature on or off.