If mobile internet is slow then change this setting in phone, speed will be doubled immediately

Dealing with slow internet speeds is a big problem for anyone. Most people struggle with constant buffering while watching videos on YouTube, Netflix or Hotstar. Slow internet speed can ruin an important meeting or online exam for you, so if you are also struggling with such problem in your mobile then to some extent you can also increase the internet speed of your mobile yourself. All you have to do is understand and follow the tips given here -

 Change network settings in mobile

 Mobile internet speeds are low because your device is catching slow network bandwidth. In fact, network providers release different bandwidth to meet the needs of people using 4G as well as 3G internet. Similarly LTE and VoLTE are also transmitted simultaneously. Sometimes you may be out of reach for high bandwidth internet and your phone is programmed to automatically switch to low bandwidth so that you have no difficulty in staying connected. But when you're back in range, the network doesn't automatically charge high bandwidth. This is when you can reset your network settings to speed up your mobile internet. This is one of the smartest internet tips and tricks you can learn about. So let’s know how it can be done -

Make these settings in mobile

 Step 1: Go to Settings.

 Step 2: Then find and tap Mobile Network.

 Step 3: Look at the Network Provider option and tap on it.

 Step 4: Select Automatic. Tap on

 Step 5: Close

 After performing this setting, manually check your network provider (Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio or Airtel) and tap on it. Once done, restart your photo. After doing so, the internet speed of the mobile will increase. You have to set up 4G or LTE network in your phone.

How to choose 4G or LTE network

 Step 1: Go to Settings.

 Step 2: Next go to Connections.

 Step 3: Find the option for SIM card manager.

 Step 4: Go to mobile data or mobile network.

 Step 5: Tap on LTE / 3G / 2G (Auto Connect).

 Step 6: Tap on Exit Settings.